Online Pet Sitter Form

Online Pet Sitter Form

Plainfield Pet Hospital Vacation/ Pet Sitter Form

The purpose of this form is to help prepare for the unexpected emergencies with your pet, while you are on vacation. We must have your credit card information, pet names, spending limits, as well as a phone number where we can reach you. If we do not have this information, your pet sitter, acting as your pet's agent, will be responsible for medical decision making and full payment of all charges incurred, as the services are preformed. WE DO NOT BILL!

By preplanning, we hope to reduce the stress of any emergent situation, while you are away. We will be better prepared, knowing your wishes for your pet, your spending limit, and being able to include you in the decision making process.

Please also discuss with your pet sitter, where you would like them to take your pet if there is an after hours emergency or the situation is too severe for us to handle, as a general veterinary practice. We recommend: The Animal Emergency Hospital, 361-9911, or Blue Pearl Emergency Services, 284-5300.

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